What are Billerettes?

At Denton & Audenshaw Carnival Sept 2010 with young Oliver one of our greatest fans and son of new Billerette today (Front Right) Helena Jodrell, Oliver knows all the moves the Billerettes perform and does them many would say Better than the Billerettes themselves.

The Billerettes are a majorette troupe with a difference, apart from the occasional girl the rest of the team may dress like girl majorettes, may even look like girl majorettes, but they are most definitely men.

The guys have been proving for years that when it comes to majoretting the guys can show the girls how to give it that special ZING, well at least they hope to bring a smile to the faces of the onlooker and preferably a good old belly laugh.

Over 36 years ago Billerette founder and leader, Bill Weston was watching a carnival parade pass by in his hometown of Buxton, Derbyshire. He soon found himself plunging into the depths of depression by the apathy on the faces of the column after column of girl Majorettes and girls Morris teams that paraded by. They had obviously forgotten what carnival is meant to be, fun, fun, fun. Bill decided that a change was needed and felt confident that men could show the girls just what entertainment is all about.

That was the start of what has become a LEGEND IN THEIR OWN LIFETIME.
With now 402 people having been a Billerette and over 970 performances.